Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh, Favre...

This whole Favre thing just breaks my heart. It's like a romance gone bad. I found this comment on an website and thought it was a good summary:

"we can all relate to how farve feels. it's like if you brake up with your girlfriend, realize you made a mistake, and try to reconcile a couple of weeks later, ony to find out she's moved on with some guy you know. then she tells you she doesnt want you dating any of her hot friends, like the one in minnesota. but you are more than welcome to date the ugly friend in new york, or the "almost" cute one in tampa bay. by they way the one in tampa is a bit of a tramp who has five boyfriends already."

Oh, yeah, watch out for that hot Minnesotan friend! I love it. :)

I felt bad, but you know, it's time to move on. Cauterize the wound and move on.