Monday, September 18, 2006

Some Stuff

1. Lola won a photo contest. She'll be featured as Miss May in an upcoming calendar filled with pictures of, you guessed it, hedgehogs. I love my hedgehog calendar. :) If you're interested in having one of your own, drop me a line and I'll make sure you get info when it becomes available.

2. SCUBA class is going well. I have my first pool session tonight. I think that means I get to breathe underwater. :) It is my understanding that the only down-side to learning to SCUBA is that you forget you can't breathe underwater while doing regular swimming, which is really embarrassing to explain to the people trying to save you from drowning. I'm looking forward to being certified so I can do fun things like dive around ship wrecks (we have more in our area than in any other part of the world!) and carve pumpkins underwater. That's an actual event. I'm thinking of carving mine as Strong Sad.

3. School is freaking insane. My schedule is a little ridiculous this semester. I have no idea how I'm going to keep my head above water.

4. Yoda is trying to get better, but so far no big improvement. He was on antibiotics for a month for his ear infection with no improvement, and is now on anti-inflammatories and steroid ear-drops. He's still tipping over regularly, poor guy, but seems to be happy otherwise.

And that's it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'm still working on the guitar, but have halted the quilting, at least for now. I should really just put together the front so I at least have something nice to look at, even if it takes forever to finish. Alas, it is not at the top of my list of priorities.

I replaced two strings on the guitar today, and finally realized that the reason I can't feel the fingertips of my left hand's fingers is because of the calluses I've grown from where my fingers hit the strings. Whew! I was not looking forward to another musical endeavor ending in physical injury. (if you're counting, singing lost to acid reflux, and flute gave me back problems)

I can play Brahms Lullaby. :)

School has started again. Dammit. It just makes me feel so inadequate. I had Litigation in Criminal Cases, taught by a self-professed defense-loving lawyer. I had taken the class to look into being an assistant district attorney, but I think I'll probably get most of the information from the other viewpoint somehow...

I have Immigration Law, Evidence and Animal Law tomorrow. SCUBA class doesn't start until next Thursday. I also worked my first day at ABC for Health, which was interesting, though I didn't have enough to do by the end of the day. I am certain they won't have nearly the problems with keeping me busy as have previous employers. At least, I hope they don't.

Alas, it is time for bed. No class until 1:20, but I need to get on a reasonable schedule...