Thursday, November 30, 2006

... And Now It's Cold

It was 50 degrees warmer yesterday. Isn't that the way of things?

I had a lovely Thanksgiving with Mike and his family in Minnesota. We at a lot, played some video games (yay Super Smash Brothers melee!), and spent a lot of time playing the Moonlight Sonata at their baby grand piano. It was just lovely. :) It would have been perfect if I could have spent time with my family as well, but they have to be so difficult and insist upon living 6 hours away. I spent time with them the weekend before, will see them this weekend again, and will be able to "get away" with them over New Years. It's such a great time; I'm already looking forward to it.

Now, back to school. Like the weather, things went from calm and pleasant (if rainy) to crappy really quick. I'm heads-down working for the next month or so. The first big thing is my mock trial this weekend. I'm one of the prosecutors. Excellent. Next are exams and a 30-page paper.

Tonight I'll be at school for a long while. I have class now, then have a break for dinner and to prepare for the final pretrial, where I need to present motions in limine (stuff I want the judge to rule to keep out of trial on Saturday). The pretrial last night went from 7 to after 9. The last bus from downtown is at 9:15, getting in at 9:30 or so. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow. I should also check and make sure my suit is ready to go Saturday morning.

I might give up on trying to lose weight for the time being. Maybe I'll just try to maintain until after exams. I only gained 2 lbs over Thanksgiving, which is miraculous considering how much pie and ice cream I ate. Mmmm pie. Stress makes me crave sweets like CRAZY.

Ok, back to surfing the web. I'm done with my assignments for this class, so I'm just biding my time until I can get out and go eat. Cheers!

~Kristen Z.