Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ha! I'm done with my Constitutional Law II paper!! HA!! HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA!

As Mike would say, "You EAT that!!"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yesterday I bought a purple bunny-peep. It's very soft and squishy. It is good.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Explosives are inherently interesting. Steubenville is also less than ten miles from where my parents grew up and most of my extended family still lives. Check it out. And you thought YOU lived in the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My More-Than-Interesting-Enough Day

Yesterday I had an overly interesting day. It made me yearn for a boring day. Today didn't quite live up to my boring aspirations, but I'm hopeful that I will find more success in that vein this week.

So, what made yesterday so interesting? I'll give you the short version:

1. I wasn't planning to, but I stopped at my apartment yesterday morning before going in to work at the DOJ. Standing in the middle of the floor of my living room, with the bright sun shining in at 9 am, was Lola, clearly very upset. She had gotten snagged in a scarf I use as decoration and was tethered to the spot with a string around her neck. She didn't appear to have any injuries, but if I had gone to work as I had planned that would probably not have been the case.

2. Trials aren't normally that interesting. Trials about a doctor accidentally pulling out the wrong tube in surgery and the patient bleeding out through a hole the size of a nickel in his heart aren't even necessarily that interesting. What WAS interesting is that a juror passed out during the opening statement (they showed a picture of the heart during autopsy) and had to be taken to the hospital for stashes.

3. I got to meet a very FAT hedgehog yesterday. His name is Houdini, which is a great name. I'll be helping him find a new home due to his owner's terrible allergies (I watched the hives swell myself). Even I had a reaction to him; little angry red bumps appeared on my palms from where his quills had barely pricked my skin. This resulted in my taking some sudafed, which leads to my next interesting moment.

4. Getting into tiffs with friends is also not generally interesting. They become more interesting when they erupt from discussions about politics and escalate because I was hopped up on anti-histamines. It's hard not to feel upset with your heart beating 150 times a minute.

5. Finally, after a dramatic day, I'm driving home to see my hedgehogs and go to sleep when I come across a bridge. It had always been there, but I had never thought much about the fact that it was a bridge at all. Yesterday I remembered it was a bridge. It was misty and foggy all day, and the ground was a bit damp. No biggie. Sometime during my hyped-up evening it had gotten colder. Can you see where this is going? When I arrived at the bridge I was probably going 30mph, which is under the speed limit (it's a hill, that at least was in my favor). It did not take me long to realize that the bridge was no longer pavement, but rather a beautiful, smooth, black sheet of solid ice. The two cars in front of me spinning out, the pickup truck veering into oncoming traffic and the station wagon in the ditch confirmed my realization. Fortunately I was able to gently glide across the road, gracefully avoiding both the guard rail and the other disabled cars.

Yeah, and that was the short version.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I like pictures:

I like pictures. Here are some pictures for you to like, too.

This is a picture of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. I visited it on February 12th when my parents surprised me by flying with me to Toronto. I literally didn't know where we were going until I got to the gate. I hadn't been to Toronto since I was in middle school, or maybe even elementary school, but it had remained one of my favorite big cities. I love the diversity of culture, or maybe just the culture that's so very different from my own. I'm also partial to all the French.

This is a picture of my family from when we visited Door County, Wisconsin on New Year's. It was a very calm time. We stayed in a big cabin, complete with baby grand piano (out of tune, though) and a kitchen with all the perks. I spent most of the time playing Diablo II, which was excellent. We visited a state park with lots of caves. It may be named something clever like Cave Park. Lake Michigan was in fine form, gray and angry, splashing with a hollow gurgling over the rocks. We took some really nice pictures, but unfortunately we don't have any of the four of us. But don't Mom, Dad and Chad look nice?

Now, to bed. I have successfully accomplished nothing academic in almost a week. I'll have an early morning!

A letter to my Aunt:

I wrote a really long letter to an aunt, and I decided that it's a good summary of what I've been up to lately. I hope she doesn't mind that I share!

Here it goes:

Hi Aunt Nancy!

Well, it probably says something about our lives right now that we're both so late... you in sending it and me in reading it! Yep, just read it now!

Thanks for the card. :) It is very nice, and I'm very lucky to be so loved by my family. :) Isn't it cool, being able to send video cards? I mean, would you have thought you'd be able to do that someday? Personally, I'm looking forward to the neural implants that I'm sure my kids will have some day. THAT will make me feel old!

Things are going well in my neck of the woods. School is a lot of work, but I'm really into it, enjoying it and learning a ton. I'm a weeeee bit behind right now, oops, but spring break is just around the bend, and that's a great time to play catch-up.

The hedgehogs are doing well, all three of them now. Lola's been with me for over a year now. Heddie is still fat and still doesn't trust me, but she'll come around. I've had her since Thanksgiving. Yoda, who came to live with me in October and is 4 years old (that's about 64 in human years), went to the vet this week for dizziness and was diagnosed with ear infections. Poor baby! I think he's had them for a long while, because he seems more active and energetic and comfortable than he's been ever! He's a real sweet hedgehog... the only one of the bunch that comes out when I talk to him so he can be pet and cuddled. Lola only comes out for mealworms, and Heddie doesn't come out unless she's forced to. It's nice to have one cuddly one around!

I'm still dating Mike, the plasma physicist grad/doctoral student. He's just wonderful, Aunt Nancy! All of the ugliness I went through and he was there for me, and whenever stuff comes up now (I'm mostly really good, but there are still some feelings that come out of nowhere from all that stuff) he's so supportive and caring. He's a fantastic dancer, and we've been enjoying going to more ballroom dances on campus this semester. We've been trying to help one another stick to good eating habbits and exercise (though I just ate a huge chunk of brownies; fat free, but still...), and I've definitely gotten better at cooking thanks to watching him! Yes, that's right, I even cook. If I'd have known how easy it was, I'd have done it sooner!

I'm feeling really good about myself professionally these days. I've been working at the Department of Justice, mostly representing the state and state-employees in inmate-filed suits, which is really interesting. A couple have involved medical malpractice/8th amendment violations (cruel and unusual punishment). A couple are stranger than I really thought any case could be. "Strange" to me means "interesting," as opposed to "boring." A couple friends at the DOJ are working on eminent domain cases. Those are "boring."

Other than that, I'm also going to prepare for my very first trial! Well, a small claims trial, which is a little more relaxed than the kind of trials you see on tv, but still, opening statement, preparation of witnesses, cross-examination of witnesses and closing statement, all me. I'm excited and terrified, and VERY grateful that my supervising attorney thinks I'm up for the challenge. I've also been interviewing for summer positions, and have two second-interviews this week. One is with a non-profit organization that works on obtaining social security benefits for disabled (physically and mentally) inmates who are due for release (with the goal of keeping them on treatments and reducing the rate of re-offence) and the other is with a county-level government office that primarily works on child-support, termination of parental rights and foster care/adoption issues. Neither is a paid position, but I'll be applying for a small summer grant aimed at helping law students take public-interest jobs and still pay their rent. I'm really hoping that at least one of the jobs is offered to me, but my back-up plan is to stay on at the Department of Justice and just volunteer.

I think my career goal right now is working someplace like the DOJ. In big law firms the atmosphere is often quite competitive, and you have to worry about who will be promoted, if you'll be passed over because you're young and might have kids, and things like that. At the DOJ everyone is very friendly and collaborative. Attorneys frequently ask one another for their opinion or help with a case. There's also a sense that we're defending the public's interest and helping to shape government policy, if only in an indirect way. You don't make as much money working there as you could in private practice, but hell, I was going to be a musician; I'm obviously not all about the pay! That said, even government work pays pretty well. It seems so arbitrary to me that what I'm preparing to do in the world is worth so much more than what I used to do. It doesn't seem harder, just different. It's sometimes hard for me to understand.

I know this has gotten to be a very long e-mail. There is just so much to tell you about! I know I haven't called in a while, but I think of you and Aunt Sis and all my cousins all the time, and I hope you're all happy and healthy and making it day by day. :)

So, yeah, don't feel bad about missing my birthday. I was really only one day older than I was the day before, after all. :) It means more to me that you love me and have been there for me when things got scary, just like you're there for so many people in our family. You know, you've really been such a blessing for so many people, including for me. Thank you for that. :)

Love you much, and I'll try to keep in touch!