Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm going to have a wedding any minute now. I think it's going to be good. I think that I have thought of everything that needs to be done in order to ensure a good time is had by all, and that all of us are wearing pants or dresses as appropriate. My hair will look very nice, the dress fits, we will have music and food and cake, and there will be a ceremony. Oh, and pictures, we'll take pictures. Those are the really important things. Especially the cake.

I really like picking music for the reception. I've had a great time with iTunes and our dj's digital music system. Do you know how many versions of "Rainbow Connection" there are? More than you'd ever want to hear, that's for sure! I think we'll have some really fun dancing music and ballroom music, and plenty of stuff to make people cry for sure. The dance floor should be big enough for everyone to enjoy!

And of course, we'll have cake. Did I mention I'm excited about that?

The beer on tap at the Overture Center is Spotted Cow, which is absolutely wonderful. No offense to people who like Miller or Pabst, but they suck and anyone who drinks them sucks too. I'm kidding. But I am still excited to have such a delightful micro-brew on tap for the wedding.

I hope I have some time to spend with my family even with such a busy day. I know all the ladies who are getting our hair done will have a fun morning at the salon. We'll have bagels and coffee and juice and mimosas and snacks and stuff. I plan to pick up some chocolate croissants, too. Mmm!

Now I just have to finish up with my hedgehog ornaments for the hedgehog ornament exchange so I can get started on making the seating name tags and stamping them and stuff... Whee!

Oh, and here's a preview picture for you to enjoy!