Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm 26 weeks from being a practicing lawyer.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I got good grades last semester for the first time in Law School.


I wonder if this will make it easier to find a job?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

And again, school begins. Tomorrow is my last first-day-of-the-semester. THANK GOD. I have no remorse, no sentimental stirrings as I approach this historic day. No, I am just ready to get the hell out of there. No more stupid grades.

I think that's what I hate about law school. The classes can be interesting. The people aren't bad, as long as you don't try to be friends with many of them. The professors are a bit batty, but harmless for the most part. I just hate grades. I hate the grading scale, I hate the scheme, I hate the game and I hate the impact they have on even getting interviews. I hate grades.

I have no idea what my grades are from last semester. None of them have been posted yet. Not a single one out of five classes. It sure is a good thing they don't expect law school professors to do any actual work. I mean, really.

I'll be working with the legal defense program this semester representing indigent defendants in misdemeanor criminal cases. I'm mostly doing this to prepare myself for working as a public defender in Madison until a more permanent position presents itself. The market for attorneys around here is very tight. Something about 300 law students graduating each year seems to flood the market. Who would have guessed?

On a more positive note, it was a very productive break for me. Mike and I painted his bedroom blue, and got a B E A U T I F U L bed (headboard, foot board, side rails) that Mike will have pictures of soon. I also finished the curtains for his place, and they are now in place. It's amazing. Mike has lived here for three years, and it FINALLY looks lived-in!

And now for the big news... Mike and I have officially decided to move in together when my lease expires in July. Since I only live .4 miles away, we plan on making it a very slow process, bit by bit, to avoid a heavy-duty, super stressful one-day event if at all possible. We have to make some adjustments to his condo before I can really live here, though. Maximization of closet space is a necessity, since I currently take up a huge, walk-in closet all on my own. We'll install some shelving in closets, rearrange stuff, etc over the course of the semester.

The best thing about moving in is that Mike is allowing me more freedom in making his condo Kristen-friendly. That doesn't mean I'm moving all his kitchen stuff to lower shelves (we talk about those not being Kristen-friendly a lot), but it does mean that Lola is staying over when I'm here. It really is so great to have my hedgehog with me wherever I am. She has a small enclosure in the living room that she seems to like well enough. She stays warm on her heating pad and feasts on turkey every night. She is currently on medication (an antacid and an antibiotic) to try to clear up some tummy trouble, and Mike is around every morning and night to help with the giving-Lola-medication process. It is quite a process. I think anytime you try to give oral medication to a creature who can completely disappear inside its own quill-covered skin... well, what other animal is really like that? Maybe an armadillo... In any case, she's very good at not taking her medication. It really does take two of us to force it down.

It has been a wonderful break, full of days where I've slept for 14 hours and read fantasy novels for at least 6, and days playing silly video games starring a purple dragon. I've watched Dune, the extended version of Return of the King, 14 hours of season one of "24", the original Conan, and countless Daily Shows and Colbert Reports. It has been just great. I'm loathe to return to the real world. Oh well. There's always unemployment and retirement to look forward to.