Monday, December 19, 2005

Newsflash: the ACLU doesn't hate Christians

I really don't know where they get such a bad reputation from. See, they don't hate Christians at all! It's amazing that people who support freedom of religion support the freedom of all religions, including Christianity! Who knew equality could be so equal!

I like the ACLU more and more...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Un-creative Update

I've been busy, but I'm hanging in there! Here's some news:

Done with papers
One 24 hour final to go (it's as bad as it sounds)
New hedgehog, Heddie, has arrived
Pictures at
Taking drastic measures to lose weight
Getting back in touch with people after avoiding them for 3-6 months... you may be next!
Deleted Microsoft Outlook accidentally today
A new blog will be going up...!

Love and hugs,

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just Say "Merry Christmas?"

Wacko-Christians are ruining my Christmas. For once, I would love the media to focus on people of my religion who AREN'T racist asshats. I'd rather celebrate Kwanza than be associated with these people.

Ok. Somehow the 80% of the United State's population that identifies as Christian is being, uh, discriminated against. By whom, I don't know. Maybe the other 20% of people who obviously have an over-representation in private sector businesses and government. That's how it works here, you know. Minorities always rule.

So, as I said, they are being discriminated against by businesses and schools that are saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas. Obviously, if an organization or government agency doesn't exclusively name _your_ religion in all greeting cards, commercials, billboards and seasonal concerts/programs, it is BLASPHEMY. Just LOOK at all the Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Wiccians who have protested in the past! Marches on the capitals, big political demonstrations and campaigns, little rubber bracelets that say "Just Say Happy Hanukkah" and television programs; these people have certainly set the precedent for the new Christian uprising we're seeing this year.

It seems so plain to me that it is the GOVERNMENT'S job to keep the Christ in Christmas. It is The Gap's job to ensure this minority is allowed to totally dominate this season. Schools must educate our children to think only of their holiday, their beliefs when singing songs and learning in classes. This is the basis for our entire nation. These groups must protect this under-represented religious culture!

In all seriousness, I have no problem with people saying "Merry Christmas" to me as I pass them on the street. I'll probably say it back, or substitute any other holiday or religious message, whether I believe in it or not. I DO have a problem with the attitude that stores, governments and schools must endorse Christian Christmas or risk accusations that they have been swayed by a liberal conspiracy.

Think of how it would be to live in a country where religion was enforced by the government power structure. We already live in a place where Christianity dominates, but we as a nation pride ourselves on having enough room for all beliefs. Well, some of us pride ourselves on that. This Christian Conspiracy is ridiculous. I have NEVER heard of a government agency going into a church and taking down the nativity scene. I have NEVER seen people deface Christian decorations in, on, or around private residences. If we are trying to make the public sphere safe for ALL religions, for diverse backgrounds and ideas, we MUST ensure that Christ and Christmas are one of many religious displays, or are not displayed at all.

For goodness sake, the malls already have Santa, trees, Christmas music and Christmas themed merchandise. Do we really need a crucifix and the Virgin Mary as well? When is the last time a Christian had trouble finding religion-appropriate tablecloths, cards or decorations? Sure, say Merry Christmas to your friends and people you meet on the street, but don't be offended when the clerk behind the counter wishes you season's greetings while selling you your Christmas sweater.

When corporations, governments and schools adopt religion, that's when I'm moving to Canada.

The Christian Minority my ass. Go to church and pray for enlightenment and forgiveness, you selfish, bigoted hate-mongerers. And pray your skin never turns the wrong color, or that you become attracted to people of your own gender, because then you might REALLY understand what it means to be a suppressed minority.