Thursday, May 27, 2004


I had a funny dream last night. Here is how I described it to my friend Chris. I don't think I it was very representative of the flavor of my dream, and also how I felt as I remembered it. :)

i had a dream you married my cousin only he's a he, but you were pretending to be a woman but it turns out HE was the one who had been physically altered to be a woman! but no one knew you were a he but me. but i slipped out of the wedding to get some air and missed the song i was supposed to sing but then, after the wedding and after we talked and stuff I was getting chased by these guys, how scary! they were a gang, some sort of scary group, and they were chasing me, so I had to hold on to the end of a bus to try to hide, but they knew i was there and they went crashing through this mall to try to get me off the bus! but then we ended up back at my hs anyway, and they were caught by the teachers but then I couldn't find my locker, and I didn't know the combo, but I used a magic snake to kill the bad lady who was taking over my locker space. well, it wasn't really a snake, but more like a bracelet that worked as a snake, too. it was magical. and the lady, i don't know why she was bad, she had a very beautiful hand and wrist style bracelet on. it was very delicate, made from gold, with ropes of it ranging from very thin to very thick. maybe my snake bracelet didn't really kill anyone, but it obeyed me anyway. and there were ferrets living in my locker. only by then it didn't really look like a locker anymore, but more like one of those california closet shelves, and I really don't think there was a door but the ferrets were playing in a little tupperware bin and i let them out. :-) it was very hard for me to reach my locker, though... i wanted a different once, because i had to use a ladder to reach the one i had. sometimes the lockers looked like old shelves you would find in an out of date locker room. sometimes they were linnen shelves. sometimes they were real lockers. my problem was i couldn't find the one that was supposed to be mine, thoguh by the end of looking i don't think i needed anything from it anymore. at first i think i was looking for books for class, since i did end up in my hs and all. the funny thing is, when i was being chased, it was dark outside, so i'm not sure why school would have been in session, which it was. did i tell you there were animals at the wedding? i think it was by a private zoo or something, cause when i stepped out to take a breather (thus missing the bride's grand entrance) i was playing with the little animals and got distracted but that's before you were the bride. the animals were very small... one was a bird-type animal, small and green. The others looked like small monkies or maybe rodents that climbed, i don't remember. then my aunt got really mad that i wasn't in the pictures of the wedding party, even though i didn't think i should be in the wedding party. after the wedding there was this flood, or maybe it was after the locker combo incident at my hs. there was water everywhere, and all my things were going down the drain. my make-up, my medicine, everything i needed to be ready for the wedding. and then my ex-boyfriend came and complained that his dad was finding my stuff in his septic tank. i remember not really wanting to see him. the wedding was more of a musical show, or a cabaret show, really. the bride did big musical numbers, both at the wedding and afterwards. she looked really tired afterwards, though, and i barely recognized her. it wasn't until after she changed out of the wedding dress that she turned into you, Chris. you had short spikey hair, but you were wearing fake eyelashes on both eyes, and on your upper lip too, and so you looked a little feminine. i was scared and sad for you, having married this guy and not knowing him that well, but you seemed ok with it, though not particularly excited. i'm not sure how my dream got me from talking with you to being chased by the gang of angry guys. i don't think they were angry at me in particular, but mostly just angry and dangerous people overall. good thing i could get into the back entrance of the hs otherwise i would have been caught!

And that was my dream. Pretty normal for me, actually. I guess not everyone remembers dreams in that kind of detail, or maybe their dreams aren't like confused action stories. Mine are, though. I wonder what a dream analyst would say?

Thursday, May 06, 2004


I love isketch. It's online pictionary! I remember playing vacationers with my family when I was young. Some of the pictures were certainly worth saving, though we never did. It was a great time to socialize and stretch some creative muscles.

Now I can relive those hilarious moments with complete strangers in the anonymity of cyberspace. Each person takes a turn drawing in the 10-picture round, and fills the rest of the time with guesses on the pictures drawn by other players. Drawing is much harder when using a mouse rather than a pencil, but the pictures are equally memorable. Yesterday, for example, my word was "ginger." I tried to communicate this word by drawing sushi on a plate with a side of ginger, since that is the only time I see ginger. In retrospect, I suppose a ginger-bread cookie would have worked, but I was thinking sushi, so that's what they got.

Unfortunately my sushi looked like infected eyeballs. Oh well.

I suggest taking a look at this new online game. Beware, it's addicting.