Thursday, February 24, 2005

Two Doughnuts

Ok, so I'm behind on posting, again... I've just been too busy with school and hedgehogs and birthday and recovering from birthday and boyfriend and DDR... I know, excuses, excuses. I'll catch up later.

Today I woke up very hungry. I have no idea why. Maybe because I didn't eat a huge dinner last night. Maybe eating yummy squash made me hungry. Hard to tell.

Regardless of the cause, I was still hungry after eating my medium-sized bowl of Frosted Mini Spooners and drinking my morning OJ. I was unhappily thinking of my grumbling tummy on the bus when I remembered that there was a Coffee and Dougnuts and Conversation event at the law building this morning! That means, you guessed it, FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS!! Well, and conversation, too.

So I went, and the topic was advocacy and lobbying for changes in legislature, which was cool, and there were two whole boxes of doughnuts. I grabbed a doughnut and a half-cup of coffee and sat down to listen. Soon it was time to go to class, so I got up, got another coffee and turned to go...

... but there were the doughnuts.

So I ate a second doughnut in my class. :)

I have to say, I've never been so awake and energetic for my 8:50 class!

Mmm, two doughnuts!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Something Different

Today I spent the day relaxing with my family. I slept in, had breakfast at IHOP and then took a long nap on the love seat in my living room. Eventually Mom woke me so we could run some errands together. While we were in the car en route to Kohls I noticed that I felt, well, funny. I wasn't tired, because that's a feeling I know all too well. It wasn't a mood; whatever I felt was definitely physical. Not hungry, not hyper, not particularly energetic. I felt lighter somehow. Maybe like I was on vicodin. But no, I hadn't taken any medication...

Then I realized what it was I was feeling: I didn't have a headache.

Today was the first day in over a month that I didn't have a headache.

Friday, February 11, 2005

And coming in a strong third...

Well, the week has wound to a close, and somehow I managed not to tumble too far behind. The heat is turning up at the law school now; my classmates and I have our first big assignment due next week. The Memo. We have written one memo before in our academic careers, but this one has to be done in much less time. I've managed to put in a couple of hours of work on it this week, and many many many hours of vexing thought. Thinking so much about it makes it seem as though I've worked on it longer than I really have. I can't exacly pat myself on the back for devoting an entire two hours to it today when that's all I've done all day.

The new hedgie girl is settling in well. I think I'm going to call her Lola. It's not too cute (she's adorable, but not in a cutesy way), not too cheesy, and a little bit gutsy (as in "Run Lola Run"). Feast your eyes on her adorableness!

I'm still trying to figure out if the vet at the Humane Society checked her for mites. I certainly don't want my little Sophie catching bugs or anything :P Right now, it looks like her biggest troubles are some long toenails (she'll only let me trim about two per night) and dry skin, which afflicts us all this time of year.

AND next week is my 24th birthday! WOW! You know, I always thought that 23 would be the best year yet, and it's been pretty great. I just can't believe it's over already! I don't feel old, really, although I can't find the energy to stay out late very often anymore. I think that comes with having early classes though.

For the first year in a while, I'm actually planning a really relaxed birthday celebration with my friends. Usually I have to get RSVP's for dinner reservations, or Chuck E. Cheese reservations, and there's lots of planning and lots of confusion. None of that this year! I simply sent out a big 'ole e-mail, knowing that I missed many people but hoping for the best, saying that I would be at Paul's club and the Majestic, and that people should stop by and say hi. There aren't strict time-limits, no rides to share, no people to count. I figure I'll recruit one or two people to hang out with me the whole time so I'm not, well, sitting somewhere alone. If you're reading this and want to come by, please do! I estimate we'll be at the Majestic sometime around 11:45.

For now, I need to hit the books! Cheers to all!


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

...And Then There Were Two

There are now two hedgehogs living in my apartment with me. Yesterday I was informed of a hedgehog at the Dane County Humane Society. They don't really "do" hedgehogs, so I volunteered to come in, check on her, and get them some good information about future care of hedgehogs. While I was there, I decided that I should take her home and care for her while the Humane Society digests the info I shared with them. So, into a carrier she went with the signing of some papers, and home we went!

The primary reasons I brought her home were that a) No one at the humane society felt comfortable handling her, b) She needed a bath and nail trimming (also related to #1), c) She needed a wheel to run in, and d)She is very shy and needs socialized before adoption could be possible. I felt that I was simply more equipped at this time to satisfy her needs than the DCHS.

She is a very outgoing hedgie, though very shy of humans. She's curious about her surroundings and new smells. She loves her wheel (she hadn't had one before) and ran on it all night from the look of it. She's quite a bit bigger than my Sophie girl, and is closer to a standard coloring, or perhaps Algerian (I have to check her cheek patches). She doesn't like can-o-pillars, but LOVES can-o-crickets (opposite of Sophie). The two, by the way, have not yet met due to concerns about possible transmission of mites or infection, etc. I have to keep an eye on the new girl to make sure she's healthy, though the DCHS lawyer examined her already.

I'm not committed to keeping her at this point. That issue has been weighing heavily on my mind since she arrived at my apartment. She's very cute, with a beautiful face and a curious, if huffy, manner. I'm glad I was able to help the DCHS out, since it was obvious that they were fond of her. I think they'll be able to learn a lot about hedgies, even though they've only ever had four. I'll have to come up with a name for her, even if only temporarily. I'll post a picture of her and more on our adventures together soon.

:) Kristen

Friday, February 04, 2005

Art Rocks

This is a self portrait that my friend Amanda Handlon. (I hope I'm not breaking any laws posting it here...) She's funny and friendly and REALLY talented. She's SO talented, in fact, that I'm asking her to paint a picture of Sophie for me based on some pictures I sent her. She said she'll have an initial sketch to me this weekend. Isn't that so cool? I think I'm going to make it my birthday present to myself. :)Maybe she'll even post it online so I can share it with all my loyal readers (see blogs and websites to the right)!

Tonight, more television and Sophie cuddling. Maybe social time, hard to say.


Uh, did I miss something? All of a sudden it's 50 degrees and things are melting and people are skipping classes in droves. Didn't it just get cold in the past couple of weeks? Didn't winter just start? Isn't it a little early for green grass and tulips?

Right? It's still early, isn't it?

Or maybe I'm just used to the crappy weather that usually sticks around until April. You know, I could make myself be ok with this. I guess.

But it really snuck up on me!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Personal Blog

Ok, so I'm not one to usually use a blog like a diary or a best-friend's ear, but I'm going to deviate from that for just one blog. I want to write just one blog about my cousin that can go "out there" and disappear somewhere in cyber space. If you're not into that, skip this one.

Michelle was 32 years old when she died earlier this morning. Her heart gave out as her body struggled to fight infection and heal her badly scarred lungs. We knew that her chances weren't great when we found out she had adult respiratory distress syndrome. It used to be that everyone died from it, and there still isn't much that doctors can do but support the body and hope it heals. Hers just couldn't heal itself this time.

There was a lot of healing during her life before her final illness. She healed from depression, substance abuse, abusive relationships; she healed relationships with her family and with spirit. Receiving gastric bypass surgery was one step closer to being healed. It was going to be the event that marked the turning point in her life.

When last I saw her we were all gathered as family for Christmas. She had gone through her surgery and was optimistic about her future. We spent a wonderful week together. It was the first time in 15 years that all of us had gathered in Ohio. It was even more of a blessing than we could realize at the time.

Two weeks ago Michelle entered surgery for the second time to correct a problem with her esophagus. While she was unconscious, stomach content was inhaled into her lungs and badly damaged them. She was awake for a time, but shortly thereafter was put under heavy sedation to keep her blood oxygen levels up, and it was from this sedation that she slipped away. She was never in pain.

I'm not going to the funeral. With it being in Ohio and so many relatives coming to town, it's not feasible for my whole family to attend. I will say my goodbyes in my heart.

Goodbye Michelle. I love you. I'll remember you.

Quick Update

Eventually I'll start writing longer blogs again...

1. It's 9:50 and I'm sitting in Legal Process. Now is about the time of the week I miss caffiene the most.

2. Oh, I'm not drinking caffiene anymore. Migraine Doc said it's better not to, so I figure it's not that big of a deal to just cut it out completely. The new doctor is awesome, and I really feel that he will be able to help me with my headaches. He's very well regarded and known for his expertise.

3. My cousin died this morning. She was my mom's brother's daughter, 32 years old, recovering from gastric bypass surgery when she developed complications (adult respiratory distress syndrome, what can kill drowning victims, people who drink too much and vomit, etc). She was in the ICU for a week and a half or so, we thought she might pull through. She will probably be burried on Friday or Saturday. Mom and Dad are going back for the funeral, but I don't think my brother and I are able to go. So sad. This surgery was going to change her life, to turn it around and get her on her feet again. I just saw her at Christmas. Her family is just shattered.

4. I'm still recovering from being sick. Soon, I will be healthy.