Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Studying usually sucks, but it especially sucks when you have to read, over and over again, about horrible cruelty to animals. I guess that is the one downside to taking an Animal Law class. People don't go to court over how nice people are to their pets. Here are some of my one-line summaries for cases, just to get an idea of how depressing it is:
  1. Shot neigbor's cat
  2. Shot dogs from tree-stand
  3. Dog hoarders
  4. Microwaved cats
  5. Beat dog with Bat
  6. Shot horses eating fruit from trees
  7. 200 poodles seized
  8. 92 cats in a 7x11 foot trailer
  9. Dog died in cargo hold, lots of blood
  10. Garbage man killed dog
It's just so hard to push myself to do more...

But hey! I'm done with the semester in a week and a day! I'll just have to keep on keeping on.